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KaMel GmbH, which was founded in 2010, is passionate about online retail, which remains a fast-growing sector. We sell a wide variety of items – covering a vast spectrum of product categories – on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Real, Hood, etc., as well as via our own online shops.

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The initial idea – which was to sell the remaining stock of various wholesalers, especially Innocom GmbH, in the most attractive and effective way possible – dates back to 2008 and soon grew into a serious business venture. It quickly became clear that our fashion and seasonal items were such a hit with our new customers that the logical next step was to set up a new and independent private limited company (“GmbH”) for the purpose of professional

online retail.

KaMel works closely with a whole host of different suppliers throughout Germany. What started out as “leftover stock” has since grown into a varied portfolio of items, with new products and highlights added all the time. In order that we can always offer this diverse range to our customers at the right time, Innocom GmbH – an importer with many years of experience in the import of products from many different categories from East Asia – now imports numerous items on an exclusive, ready-to-ship basis on behalf of KaMel GmbH.

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We are  KAMEL

By closely monitoring the constant changes and trends associated with online retail – a sector that continues to exhibit rapid growth – we always meet our customers’ needs and the demands of the market. With this in mind, we train and develop on an ongoing basis and systematically invest in modern, state-of-the-art ERP systems to link and automate all our e-commerce processes.


You can always expect professional and friendly customer service – with a keen sense of when a goodwill gesture might be appropriate – and, most importantly, reliable delivery.

We would like to say a big thank-you to all our customers for their trust and loyalty so far. We have already achieved a great deal, but we have even bigger plans for the future; we hope that we can continue to rely on your support and look forward to offering you even more exciting products.

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